Creating a better, healthier and sustainable future of work

28 Jun 2022
Some argue we are at a crossroads and should seize the opportunity to create better, healthier and sustainable work. Similarly, it has been argued that the balance of power has shifted in favour of employees, and the Great Resignation is evidence of that. Yet the Return to the Office movement tells a different story. The discourse touches on health and wellbeing, good work, DEI, intersectionality, sustainability, architecture, travel arrangements and office layout. Join Wolfgang and Alana to hear from the true future of work – the new generations not yet in work or on the verge of entering the workforce – and what this could mean for sustainability and the future of work.
Dr Wolfgang Seidl, Partner, Leader of Workplace Health Consulting UK and Europe - Mercer Marsh Benefits
Alana Rae, Specialities Growth Leader - Mercer Marsh Benefits




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