Helping line managers and team leaders support their own wellbeing as well as their team

28 Jun 2022

Having first class leaders is key to the performance of a business, and their actions play a significant part in influencing the impact of a wellbeing programme for individual employees in their team. If a leader has poor wellbeing this has a detrimental impact on the wellbeing of their team (Byrne et al., 2014; Kaluza et al.,2020). But what about the impact on the leaders own wellbeing? This session covers:

  • The importance of leaders in delivering a successful wellbeing programme
  • How managing a team’s wellbeing may impact the leader’s own wellbeing
  • What support could be given to leaders to minimise the impact
Debbie Bullock, UK Wellbeing Lead (People Function) - Aviva
Sophie Money, Group protection wellbeing manager - Aviva




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