The creation of sustainable wellbeing: building mentally fit communities that enable your business and your people to thrive

28 Jun 2022

Fika co-founder Gareth Fryer shares insights from his personal and professional experience of two cancer diagnoses and a burnout and what this teaches us about leadership, culture and building thriving teams. Join Gareth and Fika’s Head of Psychology, Dr Fran Longstaff to get practical tools and techniques on how to change your culture from the top by embedding mental fitness skills training into learning and development and making actionable changes in the day-to-day practices of teams and organisations. 

  • Unpick: the foundational skills which enable people to cope and even flourish through adversity and success (confidence, connection, meaning and more)
  • Discover: how seemingly small changes to day-to-day practices can have a big impact on mental fitness - preventing mental health decline, burnout, resignations and disengagement
  • Dig deeper: into the root causes of mental health decline at work: culture, context and systemic attitudes and practices, exploring why traditional ‘wellbeing’ solutions and tokenistic perks do little to address these root causes
  • Learn: how individual mental fitness can only flourish in an environment designed to sustain it 
Gareth Fryer, Co-founder and Co-CEO - Fika
Dr Fran Longstaff, Head of Psychology - Fika




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