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Beyond The Tick Boxes

Driving positive culture change

This year's Employee Wellbeing Congress recognises how important workplace wellbeing has become...yet how far there is still to go to properly understand this topic! In its widest sense employee wellbeing is the key aspect of an organisation's culture, and its ability to attract, retain and motivate the talent needed to sustain success.

A strategic approach to wellbeing 

Many organisations have taken mostly tactical steps, during a period when workplace wellbeing has developed and grown into a key issue in our corporate consciousness. These organisations should be applauded as the early adopters, but as workplaces change and societal values change too, the approach to workplace wellbeing and culture is evolving into something altogether more sophisticated.

Holistic, measurable strategies

Tactics that were avant-garde are now superseded; isolated activities are developing into holistic strategies; new measurements are emerging as implementations are tested and technology applied. We now have access to case studies, data and evidence, along with a plethora of new products and services to support new strategies. 

Employers now have a greater understanding of the links between wellbeing, culture, engagement and performance; we are are entering a second phase, a workplace wellbeing 2.0.

This year's Congress represents the next phase of joined up wellbeing, of cultural wellbeing, where an organisation's internal and external brand values are aligned and transparent for all to see - whether they be employees, consumers, investors or stakeholders of any sort.

With so much to explore, discover and learn make sure you don’t miss out. Join us on Thursday 18 June 2020 at 133 Houndsditch, London.

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REBA, the Reward & Employee Benefits Association, aims to drive the employee wellbeing agenda. We believe that caring for people in the workplace is both good for those particular individuals and their employers, but also the benefits to the wider society will be great too - ultimately spreading health, wealth and happiness across the UK and to our global employee populations!

To this end we organise both the Employee Wellbeing Congress and the independent Employee Wellbeing Awards, as well as publishing an annual in-depth insight report analysing trends in corporate wellbeing throughout the UK. The latest report is accessible here.

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