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Developing fair, positive and ‘healthy’ cultures

We are delighted to be holding our fifth annual Employee Wellbeing Congress, virtually during the whole month of September. Join your peers during four days of interactive and immersive virtual gatherings, talks, plenaries, discussion groups and expo - taking place on Wednesdays between 9th and 30th September - to connect, collaborate and collectively shape the future of employee wellbeing.

The whole world has had an unprecedented opportunity to push a once in a lifetime reset button which has shifted our thinking in profound ways.

For many organisations and their employees, work will never be the same again. Employee wellbeing has been placed firmly at the centre of organisational values and it will be a core recruitment criterion.

Ongoing engagement and productivity will depend heavily on company cultures that are fair, positive and ‘healthy’.

Post crisis an organisation’s ‘return-to-work’ wellbeing proposition will be their ultimate recruitment and retention tool!

A strategic approach to wellbeing 

Many organisations have taken mostly tactical steps before now, during a period when workplace wellbeing has developed and grown into a key issue in our corporate consciousness. The approach to workplace wellbeing and culture has been accelerated overnight with organisations now having to be altogether more sophisticated.


Holistic, measurable and timely strategies

Physical, mental, social and financial health are imperative to the future success of an organisation.

Tactics that were avant-garde are now superseded; isolated activities must be developed into holistic strategies; new measurements are emerging as implementations and technology are applied. Employers have a greater understanding of the links between wellbeing, culture, engagement and performance; and know that, now more than ever, it’s essential to apply this understanding to develop future strategies.

The Congress programme will cover tactics and strategies to help employers position themselves for the recovery, and shape future strategies. The timing is crucial, as we emerge from crisis and you plan for next year and into the future.

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A new world of work driven by purpose and wellbeing

REBA, the Reward & Employee Benefits Association, aims to drive the employee wellbeing agenda. We believe that caring for people in the workplace is both good for those particular individuals and their employers, but also the benefits to the wider society will be great too - ultimately spreading health, wealth and happiness across the UK and to our global employee populations!

To this end we organise both the Employee Wellbeing Congress and the independent Employee Wellbeing Awards, as well as publishing an annual in-depth insight report analysing trends in corporate wellbeing throughout the UK. The latest report is accessible here.

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