Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions

Bright Horizons is dedicated to providing the best in class work+family solutions. Alongside the provision of great childcare solutions, today we are dedicated to supporting employers enable the holistic combination of work and family; ensuring their working parents and carers are amongst the most engaged and productive members of any team.

The business now globally encompasses approximately 1,100 nurseries, over 10,000 emergency childcare and back-up care providers and works with more than 1,150 of the world’s leading employers providing a full range of work and family support. Our bespoke services address the practical, wellbeing and cultural needs of organisations and individuals.

With operations in the US, UK, India and the Netherlands, we specialise in supporting multi-national clients. We have a strong commitment to corporate sustainability, which we approach through our Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

We act as a trusted partner, provider and advisor on strategies for combining work+family. This plays a key part in attracting, engaging and retaining clients’ talented employees.



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  • Who do your employees turn to in a care crisis? Our Back-Up Care programme saves our UK & Ireland clients over 80,000 days in productivity every year.
  • Bespoke live webinars & comprehensive online toolkits to support organisations as we prepare to transition to a ‘new normal’ after working in ‘lockdown’.
  • Making work+family work for your employees. Supports employee wellbeing AND makes good business sense.
  • How do you help your employees with their childcare challenges?
  • In Quarter 2 this year we saw a dramatic change in the way we all live and work when a lockdown was enforced in response to the growing Covid-19 pandemic.
  • THE UPS AND DOWNS FOR FAMILY-FRIENDLY DURING COVID-19 June 2020: The world reels amid the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Businesses and infrastructure now take further steps back into action, or ...
  • Back-Up Care when you and your employees need it most, supporting wellbeing, increasing engagement and productivity.
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