• We asked Professor Cary Cooper and Jeanette Makings of Close Brothers what they think the top 3 emerging trends in employee wellbeing are.
  • Time to expose the great employee benefits lie

    01 May 2019 Debi O'Donovan, Director
    I feel conflicted and duped. And I do not like it. In fact, I feel angry about it. For years, I have fallen for the line that offering employees benefits is a good way to treat staff...
  • Measuring wellbeing won’t free hamsters from their wheels

    30 Apr 2019 Maggie Williams, Content Director, REBA
    “Employee wellbeing,” snorted a cynical friend at the weekend, accompanied by much eye-rolling. “By which, you mean moving water bottles slightly closer to hamster wheels.” 
  • Wellbeing will always be a hot topic across our organisations. Looking after the psychological, physical and financial wellbeing will help keep the workplace full of healthy, happy employees, who can ...
  • When you’re developing a successful wellbeing programme, it’s important to make full use of your natural allies. Every business has enthusiastic people – the ones who are the first to put up their han ...
  • The overall health of your global business depends upon the ongoing health and wellbeing of your most valued asset – your global staff.  Supporting staff and even their dependents through a well-desig ...
  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) health problems – conditions that affect the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons – affect an estimated 17.8 million people in the UK, around one third of the population1. As su ...
  • Putting mental health on the global agenda

    16 Apr 2019 In association with The City Mental Health Alliance
    As we begin 2019, Brian Heyworth, CMHA International Vice-Chair discusses some of the initiatives we are working on
  • Listening is free: CMHA thriving from the start network launch

    16 Apr 2019 In association with The City Mental Health Alliance
    Beth Robotham, CMHA Vice Chair UK reports on this event
  • Tick-box mental wellbeing programmes stand no chance of success

    11 Apr 2019 Maggie Williams, Content Director, REBA
    The Thriving at Work report. The Time to Change Pledge. Mental Health First Aid. Heads Together… Mental health at work has never been higher profile, with government, think tanks, the Royal Family and ...
  • Workplace Wellbeing – implementing an evidence-based approach

    09 Apr 2019 In association with the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM)
    First off, what is "wellbeing"? Is it how satisfied you are with life, being engaged and purposeful, with good social connections, and good health?  Wellbeing leads to better physical health, reduced ...
  • New research from Cigna has revealed that pressures in the workplace and at home are leading to working women feeling more stressed than men...




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