• Financial wellbeing: How we can prepare employees for recession

    24 Jul 2020 Gethin Nadin, Bestselling HR Author and Director, Employee Wellbeing, Benefex
    "Among the lessons of the recent financial crisis is the need for virtually everyone – both young and old – to acquire a basic knowledge of finance and economics."
  • I have an objection to the term ‘360-degree wellness’. At best, the term has no clinical validation whatsoever. It is simply management jargon. At worst, it could be marketing a misleading message and ...
  • Cycling can be a great way to get moving, release stress, anxiety, and improve your fitness. Here we talk about how to get the best out of your commute. 
  • Health benefits of cycling

    21 Jul 2020 Ed Pegram
    Electric bikes offer access to cycling for those that considered it previously out of reach or make it more interesting and fun. Cycling can also provide a huge boost to your wellbeing. 
  • Reward and benefits directors have increasingly found themselves responsible for workplace wellbeing. However, with typical backgrounds in HR or finance, crucial clinical knowledge of the impact of em ...
  • For many employers, a positive outcome from the coronavirus crisis has been the acceleration of the wellbeing agenda, both at a senior leadership and employee engagement level. Research findings from ...
  • Introducing the idea of 'social wellbeing', and why employers should include it as part of their wellbeing strategy.
  • The challenge of coronavirus has accelerated the adoption of employee wellbeing further and faster than anyone could have predicted. It has created an opportunity for leaders to have a positive impact ...
  • The COVID-19 crisis means that promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace has never been so important. We explain how employers can support their workforce's diverse needs during transition. 
  • Benefits design for life

    26 Jun 2020 Maggie Williams
    As July comes around and another birthday approaches, I’m reminded once again that it takes a lifetime to get old.  While I’d like to think that I’m simply older - rather than old - the need to plan m ...
  • Employee wellbeing has evolved more in the past six months than it has in the past three years. Coronavirus has changed how we all feel about the importance of our health and wellbeing, while the rise ...
  •  A 360-degree look at how workforce management will change in a post Covid-19 crisis era.

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