Deborah James

Deborah James

Radio Presenter, podcast host and author

Radio Presenter, You, Me and the Big C podcast host and author of F*ck You Cancer: How to Face the Big C, Live Your Life and Still Be Yourself

Why are you so passionate about breaking the taboo around cancer and why would our delegates find your session at the Employee Wellbeing Congress worth staying for? (note: as we know, cancer can be an off-putting topic, so we want to use this video to show delegates this session will be useful as well as uplifting. So if Deborah can get this across that would be super). 

People living and working with cancer and other long-term conditions are on the rise – what’s the one piece of advice would you give employers on how best to support these employees? 

You’re running the London Marathon in April but you’re still undergoing treatment – this is a great example of how contradictory living with a long-term condition can be. How do employers (and society as a whole!) need to change their perceptions of people living with cancer?


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