Lynn Bye

Lynn Bye

Co-Founder, Fat Lad At The Back

Mother, wife, feminist, fashionista, former domestic goddess and reluctant cyclist, Lynn Bye was between projects when she {foolishly} agreed to help her husband Richard set up cycle wear business Fat Lad At The Back. Being ‘quite good at lots of things’, probably unemployable and having a ‘just do it’ attitude, there seemed nothing to lose.

With an understanding of clothes, an unconventional approach to cycle wear and a customer centric design strategy, Lynn has reinvented cycle wear for the modern cyclist. Her approach to brand community has driven the building of an organic and highly engaged community - affectionately referred to as The Bulge – and an uptake in sport/activity at a grass roots level.

Quick Questions:

Favourite food – cake

Favourite drink – dry martini  

Favourite holiday destination – is the world too vague?

Favourite colour – blue, yellow and peach – it’s impossible to pick just 1!

Worst habit – excessive use of bad language

Best piece of advice – From my Dad {and latterly George Michael} “You’ve got to have faith”

Greatest achievement – raising 2 grounded boys who don’t have a sense of entitlement, in 21st century Britain

Dinner Guests – Iris Apfel, Maya Angelou, Eartha Kit, Mohammed Ali, Picasso, Elvis Presley 


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