Richard Bye

Richard Bye

Co-Founder, Fat Lad At The Back

To a Yorkshire man with a larger than average waistband and a sense of humour, putting his cycling nick-name on a jersey and selling it to other ‘Fat Lads At The Back’ seemed a natural thing to do.  

Little did Richard Bye know that the ‘F’ word would cause such controversy – or maybe he did? 

A born disrupter, Richard has a predilection for shaking things up and an uncanny ability to spot a gap in the market. His 2 decades in IT gave him early exposure to online social brands and made him determined to create a consumer brand underpinned by its community. 

Quick Questions: 

Favorite food – any  

Favorite drink – yes 

Favorite holiday destination – anywhere you can sail a yacht 

Favorite colour – blue 

Worst habit – short attention spa….. 

Best piece of advice – Perception is reality 

Greatest achievement -  it’s impossible to pick just 1 

Dinner Guests - David Attenborough, Elon Musk, Freddie Mercury, My Wife, My Boys, Quentin Tarantino


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