Siân Evans

Siân Evans

Head of Leadership and Development, Simplyhealth

Siân joined Simplyhealth in February 2019, with a remit to build a talent strategy and leadership pipeline fit for organisational change.  Health & Wellbeing was a natural addition to this agenda in 2020, especially as engagement survey data suggested elevated levels of stress, anxiety and depression within the business during this transformational time.   

She brings a wealth of experience in the talent and leadership development arena, having worked for a variety of organisations going through major change and transformation including Heathrow, Telewest Broadband and more recently Argos.

Working with the Executive team, Sian has already delivered some game-changing development, unlocking honest conversations and trust building at a leadership level.  In addition, adopting a systemic approach, she has established a Health & Wellbeing strategy with a focus on testing and learning, across four key areas of Mental, Physical, Social and Financial Wellbeing.


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