Tim Perkins

Tim Perkins

Co-Founder, Nudge

With over 18 years’ experience in HR and reward, Tim has been at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Prior to nudge, Tim was part of the team at Thomsons Online Benefits (now Darwin), the global benefits platform that brought employee benefits online. In his time at Thomsons, Time worked with HR and reward leaders from the world’s leading companies to share marketing-leading employee benefit strategies.  

In the space of just three months in 2012, the UK saw not one, but two once-in-a-generation legislative changes hit the world of personal finance. The first Auto enrolment changed the pay and savings of over 10m people, and the second removed access to financial advise for 20m at exactly the same time they most needed it. Tim, alongside nudge co-founder Jeremy Beaument, recognizes that people have an unprecedented level of responsibility for their money, but are lacking confidence and knowledge.  

People are crying out of help and that’s where the idea of nudge was born – a market-leading, global financial wellbeing platform filling the void in financial education. Nudge has grown rapidly, supporting almost half a million people to improve their financial wellbeing and create brighter financial futures for themselves and those they love.  





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